Christine Unteregger

Hi! A lot of things have changed - again - and again and again. I've become mother of a wonderful daughter who is actually heavy into the pirates-, princess- and monster-and dragons-business. My professional career changed from sciences (I finished my education with degree) to art therapy. Currently I'm working on my piece for the artistic degree there. In this process I came closer to my art again, partially it got a new direction and style but the remaining part is still the same - my connection to whom I was and where I come from (and I hold on to it eagerly). My artistical ambitions are the same as for years now: fantasy, fantasy and fantasy again, but this time with the addition of portraits in a natural style and a more graphical kind of demons and monsters (my "Phantasmagorium"). Soon there will be some of my more actual pieces here at Elfwood (and some of my very old ones will be gone). So stay put and see what's coming up next!And as always: Please help me to become better in commenting my work - every small comment is helpful.