Christopher Christian

Christopher Christian resides in West Michigan with his wife, Alisha, and their wonderful children, Chad, Gregory, Tabby, & Lexxi, and with their faithful canine companion, Mackey. He has been creating art all of his life, but has only seriously pursued his crafts professionally since 2004, thanks in no small part to the never-ending support and encouragement his beloved Alisha offers him. In addition to sales through his website and Ebay store, Chris and Alisha enjoy having their family participate in local festivals and art shows - and they are working toward being a part of national shows as well. Both Chris and Alisha were very proud and honored to be included in the Enchanted Artists: VIsions of Atlantis online Art Show and Book (Published by Ellen Million Graphics) this year, and look forward to participating in more shows with the Enchanted Artists' community. Chris was born in Las Vegas, but his family moved to Great Falls and then Tampa while his father was still in the Air Force. After a few years in Florida, the family moved to the New Orleans area. He received a great deal of encouragement regarding his art during his formative years from his parents and his teachers (a special thanks to Ms. Brehm from John Ehret High School), and was lucky enough to be exposed to a large number of media and crafts. His current pursuits center around his drawing and painting, but he also enjoys hand-crafting jewelry, woodcarving, and working with clay. On top of traditional media, he also enjoys working digitally with web design and graphic arts. "I love all things creative. You'll probably notice that I have a certain fascination with fantasy art. I do occasionally dabble in other things, but my imagination is riddled with all things fantastic: swords and sorcery... dragons and faeries... knights and ladies (both fair and not-so-fair)... demons and angels. I think these images burn deep within us all. So many ancient cultures gave their own names to these creatures, stories, and legends... so many historical and 'mythical' figures walked similar paths and fought similar battles... where do these things come from? Dreams and nightmares? Perhaps... or perhaps they stem from something much deeper... from some kind of common memory. I believe that we all connected... that every living thing draws its life energy from an ancient source. We are all part of the conciousness of the universe trying to discover and understand itself. If that is the case, then perhaps much of what has been dismissed as mere myth or exaggeration is not; perhaps these images come to our imaginations from times long past... from places that we no longer know how to reach... or from ages that have yet to come to pass. For me, that is part of what my art is all about: trying to find a way to see outside of the mundane world, and into the deeper places that lie just beyond our normal sight. I hope the creations that find their way into this world through my hands can do that for you as well. Namaste! May your life be filled with joy, love, light, and laughter! ~ Chris"