Halig Leoht

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Christine Clarke

This is not completed, but I put it up because I liked it anyway. I started on it a billion months ago, but I never came back to it. This is a Seraphim, the burning light of the god that presides over many monotheist religions, like Judism, Islam, Christianity, and all those other countless branches that are, in all fairness, the same religion. And don't you try to tell me that they are not! They are. And yes, I know that he's supposed to use his wings to cover himself up and all that jazz, but I did not want to just draw a pile of feathers with a pair of legs sticking out. If you want to draw that, be my guest (BTW, do ya like my 'randomly placed' bit of 'wet drapery?'). He, on the other hand, will continue to be naughty and expose himself (oooh ya). Maybe that afforementioned god should strike him down with a lightning bolt so he can learn some humility (Nyahaha). And don't complain that I weasled my way out of using that god's name as a proper noun just so I wouldn't have to capitolize it, 'cause I'm the kind of person that would crown myself just to prove that I am higher than the church (ya hear that, Napoléon?) Oooh, nastaay, maybe that god should strike ME with a lightning bolt, too! ::cue evil laughter:: Anyhow, enjoy the nice, holaay pic... despite his exposure, of course.

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This is the second part of the poem about Hrolthin (it follows 'Journey'). You now find out that Hrolthin is the 'Chosen One' and is destined to save the Finns... And yes, I WAS running short on Old Anglo-Saxon names, so I DID get Njörl from 'Njörl's Saga' in that one Monty Python episode. It just seemed like a perfectly stereotypical Anglo-Saxon name.

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