Ingvild Hoff

The Heritage of Kámina - Preface

This is my preface to the story im currently working on. I hope this to be my first published novel, but thats a long way down the road, so who knows! :) Tell me what you think, please!

The Crows and The Eagles - The Beginning

The beginning of the Land of the Eagles, the story I write about.

Chapter 1 - The white eyed man

So here you have it, the first chapter of my story "Saga of the Crows". I believe you understand why it has its title now, seeing as the leading ladys name is Saga, and she is a Crow!;) Well, anyway, this is the first chapter of her and his story. It will be a multisided story, with more than one or two main charaters, and we will through my novel get the feeling of their lives in this terrible, unhappy, unfair world. In this chapter we meet Saga, the unlucky crow, and Alaric, the unknown male that saves her. We will see a little of the town they live in and the lives they lead, but it is more a presentation than anything. I havent been working on this (the english version) for at least 2 years, so excuse my bad english, and the mistakes. The norwegian version i have is more complexed and more action to it, but just read this, and if you like it i will try to translate the parts thats left out!;)Enjoy! And do comment!:)

Saga of the Crows - Preface

This is the preface of my story about the Eagle Prince Alaric and the Crow, Saga, whom he later encounter. Its a cold and heartless world they live in, and despite their differences in rank they find each other, and soon begin to trust each other as no one else before.Its hard for me to exactly describe what happens in the story, as i havent really figured out all the details yet, but dont go far, and im sure ill soon upload the first chapter.