Cheryl Hensley

I am an obsessed college student who enjoys watching Smallville, Stargate, Redneck TV, Mythbusters and Who's Line is it Anyway. (Yeah I'm a goof off) I can't stand rap but love classic rock (like Van Halen, Boston, The Beatles and all those other really cool dudes...) and country. I am a native born Texsan and live with my parents, two younger sisters and a younger brother.  I am now a full time college student, member of the Equestrian team, an Animal Science Pre-Vet major, and enjoy hunting with dad and bothering my sisters. I also enjoy wakeboarding, snowskiing, watching TV, messin' round on the computer, horseback riding, and just doin' everything except homework ; ). I basically taught myself to draw and recieved bunches of comments from school friends. I was in Art 2 a few years ago but got out b/c of DC and AP homework (pfthhh : P). But, now that I have more experience in pencil, I have tried to give all my new work and some of my old a whole lot more detail and give new perspectives (in other words, just jazz it up). I put up a few of my really old pics and many of my new ones. Since I want to be a vet when I grow up, most of my art is based on animals or some form of animal. My animals include; one 60 pound rino of a dog (love her to death),  and seven fish (two gey "sharks", one red-tailed "shark" , one blue gromie, two algae eaters, and one glass fish that I named Ringo). I am a freshman but registered as a sophmore due to my dual credit hours I got in High School. I am now taking commisions in a limited number since I have extra time. So, if you have anything that you would like me to do then just ask. (note: I will only do commisions that I have an interest in, so don't ask me to do just something random, please)