Frederic Vinhage

is an aspiring writer of indetermined capability. Has spent the last 20 years wasting his life in the US military and only discovered his muse in the last four years or so. Has gotten a BA in English literature and through reading the greats has found the writer's bug. He is completely unpublished and unsure if fantasy is where he will find up. His brain takes trips to science fiction and believes that shorts are the best way to express an idea. Novels are for storytelling and enjoyment. poems are feelings and images that cannot be expressed in longer form.He takes his writing with a grain of salt as is looking for feedback so feel free to tear him up or tell him he is on the right track.Graduate of the Gotham Writers workshop he should someday try to publish something. Was involved in flash fiction new media delivery for a while, go Dunesteef! I like Podcasts, writing, new media, resurgence of absurdism Favourite movies Krull, Evil Dead series, Quantum Leap, and even Heroes (blush) Favourite books Jordan, Vonnegut, Kafka, pure pulp. Favourite music Lady Gaga is currenty giving me some inspiration, dont know why but I will go for it. (It used to be Danzig so not sure if it has anything to do with being a hottie...

Adore the Genie

An Italian sonnet of a sort, designed for the current contest. :)


A little story about Joe a road warrior dealing with an identity crisis. 

Sailing to Valhalla

This is a rough draft poem about well valhalla, at least my view of the old norse turned dwarf concept.


Short Poem on a strict set of rules with a different twist on a childhood monster.

Steed of the wind

Short freeverse poem of a classic greek myth.

Rabidity: Introduction

This is a character introduction that I don't know if it is going to wind up a short or a novel. I'm not sure if it is read worthy, we will see. :P