B. Griffin' Wagner

Hello all - I felt as though I needed a new bio - the old one was, well old.I'm mostly a 3D artist (still. honestly, I'm working on the drawing thing) and a writer, though as of yet none of the stuff I've finished is one of the Elfwood genres. That will change soon. I hope. You see, pretty much everything I'm hoping to be able to do art-wise depends on whether or not I get a college acceptance letter Dec. 15 - which is, at the moment in...exactly a week. Haaa. Anyhow...Not only have I sold my soul to my AP Physics teacher, but I've *also* sold my soul (is it possible to do that? sell your soul to two different people?) to a friend of mine directing a play aka, I have volunteered to be her costume designer. And I row, so I suppose I've sold my soul to three different entities.Oh, and just in case you haven't guessed, I have ADHD too. Hence the tangents.Love, Gryphlet