Cecilie Larsen

I have now begun updating my gallery again, after an unfortunate period of neglect lasting a year or more. High school and final exams kept me from being artistic for an awful long time, but now that I have finally finished that rather boring chapter of my life and am able to devote my time to scholarly pursuits of a more fascinating nature, my interest in art has also been rekindled. So while my daytime hours are spent at the Medical Faculty of Copenhagen, the evenings have become a time of art and creativity, and I will most likely continue to update this gallery of mine at frequent intervals.Since a decent biography normally includes at least a short description of the person writing it, I suppose I ought to include some information about myself as well. My name is Cecilie and I am a 19-year old female from Copenhagen, Denmark. My hobbies include drawing, reading, writing, chemistry, medical science, fantasy in general and gryphons in particular. I am a member of the Gryphon Guild, where I go by the name of Taran and am known as the resident Puppygryph.You can visit my LiveJournal for more information about my art and everyday life. Remember to check out my new images and leave me a comment!