Jesper Cbg

Hi there! Welcome to my share of Elfwood.Short about myself: I'm a 25 years old (yep, feels like 'old' begins to be the proper word) bloke from . Right now I might live in Helsingborg i the south of this cucumber-shaped country. Or I might live in my home town Motala. I'm a reporter and the situation for most of us young journalists is that we have to move around a bit.   Anyway, I like to draw, make computer graphics and sometimes to paint. Fantasy is an interesting genre. It used to be more of that kind when I was younger, but there still is a fantasy flame burning. It never really dies. I also like sci-fi, the real kind. That means Asimov or Clarke. But if you ask what I usually read or what kind of movies I like to watch, these genres aren't that common today. Last bought book (when this was written, that is) was Orhan Pamuk's Snow.