Caitlin Finan

Hi... I'm Caitie! I have an art account on here somewhere too.. although MY SCANNER BROKE so I figured, might as well submit something ELSE... So, yeah. I loooove drawing and art, but I'm a lot better at writing than I am with art. I like to write free-verse poetry, so that will probably be the media for the majority of my work on here... I like vampires, and faeries, and dragons, and angels and demons, and romance (but not the bodice-ripper kind, ewwwwww).. and my imaginary friends... but that's off topic. ;D

Reflection of a Vampire -poem-

My eighth-grade LA teacher decided to have us write a sonnet. Those of you who have written them before will probably agree with me when I say it's insanely difficult to get all the words to fit and rhyme. It was easier, though, when I decided to write about one of my favorite topics: VAMPIRES!! (Yes, my teacher thought there was something wrong with me.) Anyway... again with the stupid apostrophes. grrrr...ah, well.

Black Rose *poem*

You may not know it, but angels and demons walk among us, disguised as human beings. They do this to escape the monotony and limitations of their homelands of Heaven and Hell. While on Earth, they are subject to the same downfalls as humans, the same desires and fears... the same passions. This is the story of an angel and a demon whose passions intertwined... I've very sorry I couldn't use quotation marks or apostrophes, the html went all screwy when I tried. So I just want you to know that, yes, I know when to use them.

Lovely Stranger *poem*

This is the story of a vampire and his lover. Vampires aren't all bad, you know.. some are good and kind. Not that they actually exist... *ahem* Okay, just OOOOONE apostrophe removed. 'Deaths' should be 'death's'. And 'opal-tinged flesh' ought to be 'opal-tingéd.' Gives it a nice rhythm.

David and Mary *poem*

*DISCLAIMER* PLEASEPLEASEPLEASE don't yell at me for being an unholy and godless fiend. Please. I don't mean this as an insult to anyone, it just sprang into my head and... ended up here. I have nothing against the Christian religion, I just thought it was an interesting idea. If that offends you, please press the back button. I won't be mad, really. This was originally designed to be a song, which is why it actually rhymes. Took me forever though.

Rapunzel Chained *poem*

Okay, sooooo... I'm a freak. Yep. I wrote this in Honors Bio. After a test. Read it and be awed at my scariness. I actually like this poem... it's short. Not six pages long this time, people!! *cheeeeers* As you can probably tell from the title: it's about Rapunzel and that naughty naughty prince who keeps climbing up to her tower... *NOTE* I actually figured out how to put apostrophes in this one... dashes. Clever, I know.