Claire Hummel

Twinkle twinkle little bat how I wonder where you're at up above the world you fly like a tea tray in the sky Browse, dear reader, and, um, uh... I'm not sophisticated enough to carry on this pretense. I'm like a ferret, easily distracted by shiny things. I'm like a llama too. And twice as yummy. My name's Claire, or shoomy, and I'm currently an illustrator for Visit the site, everyone loves it. C'mon, 10% of Singapore can't be wrong! I love drawing fantasmic creatures and the like, and I have a particular attraction to blood and it's many associates. I love stuff, but especially Alice in Wonderland, Myst, JTHM... You get the idea. Browze about, and have fun! Oh, and, by the way, if your name's Brunphinkhulda Bilgspoppish, I pity you. Really I do. *snicker*