Ceinwen Fang

Latest gallery update: 6th February 2012! Five years since I last did anything here. Not much has changed. I have added some more unicorns and fantasy horses... and some OTHER THINGS have also arrived! Faeries and werewolves! Now there's a surprise! One or two older pieces have been taken down, but mostly I'm leaving them up - I'm not embarrassed of how awful I used to be, because mostly I am still awful :)________________________________________ Don't forget to look at my website, www.horse-traits.co.uk for a broader spectrum of my work, and more about me! I also am open to commissions, trades and requests, and am often selling prints and originals, you can contact me (my email is horsetraits@gmail.com) or see my website for details. I'm 22 and I love art and horses. I enjoy fantasy because, well, why not? Anything can happen with fantasy, its great. I hope you like this gallery, and if you do, I know some you'll love much more: Mia Bengtsson - http://losmios.deviantart.com Katy Rewston - http://rewston.deviantart.com Linda Bergkvist - http://enayla.deviantart.com Marta Dahlig - http://blackeri.deviantart.com Sas - http://khaosdog.deviantart.com What a lot of deviantart. Here's mine too. http://howlinghorse.deviantart.com