Hi I am not so much for a writer, which make it hard to write a bio. Well I am born 1985, in august. Drawing now and then when not having a artblock or being to down ... since most of my art are drawn with certain feelings or moments. I haven't updated this account for a long time and I am sorry but I am gonna look over the pics and put up new ones. My own webpage have been destroyed since someone hacked it and put dangerous virus on it ... grrr but I do have another account on Deviantart as celdragon if anyone is interested. If I could choose one animal that I could turn myself into it would be a cat but in fantasy it would be my beast char or hybrid of dragons. Update 20/10-2010  I like Fantasy ^~^ manga, anime, rpg, windsurf, friends Favourite movies Hmmm ... Interview of the vampire, ghost in the shell, dragonheart and many more Favourite books Hard to choose Favourite music Hmm it depends on my mood, listen almost to everything except rap music. For the moment it is Artica Sonata, Queen and Freedom Call