Alla Jönsson Lanevska

Born in 1984 in Kiev, Ukraine, and raised there, I moved to Sweden in 2000 . I have five yers art education, and today combine my artistic carear with full-time work as export coordinator.Mythology, especially Celtic and Slavic, folklore, and fantasy literature combined with university studies in history became an important source of inspiration. “The Silmarillion” by J.R.R.Tolkien is a literary masterpiece that influenced my way of seeing the made-up worlds as places where every beautiful thing constructed by human imagination can become alive. The book also provided me with a gallery of wonderful images and settings. My influences in the world of art include Gustav Klimt, Pre-Raphaelites, great Russian artists Mikhail Vrubel and Viktor Vasnetsov, Swedish classic fairy-tale artist John Bauer, modern award-winning Ukrainian illustrator Vladislav Yerko and, of course, Alan Lee and Brian Froud.While most of my work is done in watercolour and gouache, I experiment with oil, pen & ink, pastel and colour pencils. Colour and detail fascinate me. For mor details,please,visit my website