Irina Schmücker

Hallooo!! yeah, my own elfwood - gallery!! juhu!! So... I'm a german student, 25, and I live in Hagen, a very ugly town in the Ruhr valley (hey, that sounds even worse than 'Rhrgebiet'!)and one day I will probably be a teacher. I'm not sure yet if that's such a good idea, but - hey... ähm... yes. I've been writing stories and drawing the characters since I was 11, today I mostly draw and paint; most stories are for our RPG-group (based on Antrara, my own old fantasy world...) Some things that inspire me are Music by Nightwish, Sentenced, Subway to Sally, In Extremo, Die Happy, Moonspell,Voltaire,.... Books by Terry Pratchett, Anne Bishop, Tad Williams, Laurell K. Hamilton, Poppy Z. Brite, Neil Gaiman..... comics as Sandman, Lenore, Gloom Cooky,.... movies by Tim Burton, Quentin Tarantino , Moulin Rouge, movies with Johnny Depp ;-)! my boyfriend, my friends, RPG,my cats, coffee,my family,......... I will change this whole thing when I feel a bit more creative... so, now - enjoy and comment! ;-)