Charles Owens 3

I am taking up Computer Programming at West Side Tech, in Pringle, PA. I enjoy doodling dragons, and futuristic warriors. I am trying to start my own webpage with all of my older pictures. I enjoy drawing because I'm skilled at it and I have an eccentric imagination. The things that inspire me are songs I here on the radio and animals I see or here about on TV or in encyclopedias. My goals are to start my own Comic Book series and to get a degree in Computer Programming and also to become a Youth Minister. I hope you enjoy my pictures.

Of Knights and Angels (Lady Iris's point of view)

this is a tale of how a knight and angel fall in love, and the story of how their love grows. told by Lady Iris.

Of Knights and Angels

this is a story of a knight and an angel. it's their story of how they met and how the love between them grew. told by Sir Charles.

the Origin of Solar Burst

this is the Origin of Solar Burst. my very own character. i am very pleased with how it came out so far. it's not done yet, but i will finish soon.