Ceresi Lupin

My name is Ceresi Lupin. I'm 16 and will be a junior in high school when it starts back up in a few months. I've been drawing since the summer of the seventh grade -- not sure how old I was, let's do the math . . . 13, I think -- when I saw anime for the first time. I went on the 'Net and typed in 'anime'. Ironically enough, one of the first websites that came up was a link to an artist gallery here at Elfwood. I printed over a hundred anime pics and began drawing it, and then buying manga as it became more available in the U.S. Towards the end of the eighth grade I finally started drawing without references. I tend towards drawing girls, whether I'm drawing realistically (new development), or anime. My favorite artists are CLAMP and Yuu Watase, since those were the first manga artists I heard of. I'm not sure whether I'm going to use my artwork in my career, or just as a hobby, but it's nice to finally have a gallery at Elfwood either way.