Ceri Thomas

huh? oh right... um... me. i suppose im your average "wanna save the world" kinda girl so studyin to be conservation-research-biologist thingy, or as my mam says, to count newts in a bog in the rain for a few pennies... But don't let my tree hugger appearence fool you as i'm also *pause for dramatinc effect* WELSH.  so i tend to be proud & flammable near english people.  saying all that i do use every opertunity to wear fairy wings & skip about in silly dresses. i am nice honest : ) should really be talkin about art shouldnt i? i reluctently quit art at AS level (17 yrs old) due to the workload from my other subjects & also due to being unable to  stop drawing faries. Drawing is just too much fun! even though doodling for my friends amusement is great i admit its really my enjoyment. i beleve everyone can draw & thats  fun to!