Hias all! ^_^ hay lookie *points to the left* a new proper photo! Wheeeeeeeeeeee! It’s a very arty one I know I was messing about with the timer on my digital camera and that was the result, bung it into paint shop pro greyscale it and make it darker and voila that is the outcome : ) Lol ok I’ll calm down : ) Hi my name is Francesca most peeps usually call me Cesca or I’m known around the web under the name of Weather by most. I live in the UK which is *points to the map* where that red dot is : ) lol and I absolutely LOVE fantasy, I live and breath fantasy lol I’m obsessed with it. My favourite mythical creature is the Mermaid, but for some reason I just dun get the time to draw them as much as I’d like to. I do dabble in fanart now and again, Lemmings is Usually up top along with Disney : ) Let’s see, what else? Ummmmmmmmmmmm oh yes I’m 18, and I’m a fine art and drama student ^_^ and more than likely some of the work I do for my projects will end up on here, lol so look out for it : ) Most would say that I’m bright and bubbly but my closest friends know I have a dark side to me as well, lol and I like to look at the world in a different way…. Well I try to, lol when I’m not away with the fairies, lol I’m also hyper at the moment, can u tell? lol My favourite type of media used to be pencil, but I’ve been working in black ink a lot recently and I’m beginning to really like it a lot, lol. I also do a lot of pixel work in psp and I’m beginning to work more and more on computer art stuff : ) ok time for gallery friends : ) Brittany M. Eaton If it hadn’t been 4 Vee I’d never have found Elfwood and her work rules, go take a look ^_^ And finnaly UPDATES: 29.09.02 Mermaids and a Centuar ^_^ lol. I managed to find a way of being able to draw Mermaids and Centuars to my heart's content in my art lessons.... for the moment : ) 16.10.02 Just two new pictures at the moment, both just coloured versions of pictures already up, done in photoshop in my IT lesson as we're learning how to use photoshop at the moment : ) 01.03.03 first update of the year ^_^ yipieeeeeeeee three pictures ummm well that's all i can think of to type so yeah hope you like :)