Chael Gunnell

Likes:  Mythology, merfolk, water, nature, plants, sealife, imagination, design, biological sciences, , moths, bioluminescent things, snakes, the undead, conceptualism, creativity, languages, ancient cultures, thinking outside the box. Dislikes: Ignorance, unnecesary idiocy, bigots, things that go Chee chee... incessantly... Artforms: Anime/manga, realism, sylized, abstract, surrealism, game/story character-design Colors: Indigo, blue, gray, silver, black (occasionally violet) Occupation: Student/artist Commisions/Art trades: Commisions yes...Art trades: occasionally,(If I'm not too busy that is.) I do not take requests unless I know you, so please don't ask. Most of my new artwork is at and I update there much more frequently than here. As you probably can tell I have a love of merpeople (based on real sea-life)  and mythology that borders on obsession and I find odd and uncommon things interesting, because normal is absurdly boring.  In my work I tend to stew together fantasy, biology and a dash of mythology and occassionally surrealism to get my usual style. My Friends here: Adele Sessler Alini Sangoi Arwen Bush Dan Mills David J. Gough Diego Hidalgo Francisca Lucero Howard Faria Jessica Griffith Mimi Leung Norma A. Peters Rebecca Brown Tia C. Lauren Tregenza Vineda Huang