Katherine Bates

Well, I'm studying for a Physics Degree in Warwick, England. I have three main stories at the moment: The Dragon Isles, Estara, and Willow. Some of my characters are also illustrated on my Art Gallery in Elfwood. A short description of each story is below.If you leave a comment I only reply to those who leave an email address or those who are elfwood members.The Dragon Isles: A young woman, Tehal (pronounced tail), is pursued by the powerful people of the world, and gets caught up in the war between the dragons. It's set on the planet of Lamorkland, on the land mass known as Elnoon. Okay, there's a lot more to it than that, but that's the basis. It's going to be fairly long. Updated so far to Chapter 14 Willow: A story set in the Realm of the Fae. With a new threat on the horizon, there can only be one who can restore order to the realm of the fae, an assassin. It's not got that far yet, it's getting there though and will be updated soon. So happy with Mod's choice on Part 1! Updated August 09, Part 3.Estara:  Set on the same world as 'The Dragon Isles', but thousands of years before and on a seperate continent, Estara. Follows the Third War of the dragons where the Silver Dragons seek domination over the other colours. Follows a few main characters throughout but does switch frequently. So far it's reached Chapter 3 The Dog Guardian:  The Guardians, based deep in the hills of the Lake DIstrict, are threatened by the Shadow Sect. This story follows the newest member of the Guardians, the Dog Guardian, as they all struggle to survive against the Shadow Sect. This might take a while, as it's sort of a secondary project, but it is definetly going somewhere. I like I study Physics, does that count? Other than that, reading and watching films, I think... Favourite movies Most Horror films that have something to with sci-fi or magic; not such a great fan of adaptations though, apart from Howl's Moving Castle. Favourite books Amongst others: John Wyndham, Day of the Triffids; Raymond E. Feist, especially the Riftwar Saga; Michael Chrichton; David Gemmell; L.E Modesitt, good if you like your books very long; some Stephen King... i'll stop here or the list will be just too long Favourite music Jethro Tull, Genesis, Enya, Van Der Graaf Generator, The Clash, Infected Mushroom, Muse, La Roux. I think I'm pretty varied on music

The Willow 03

The Willow Part 03With Marty's help, Willow has left the Higher Realm, but just what are her plans now.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 14 Prince

Chapter 14 - PrinceTehal, Marn and Caesar settle down to try and find Alec.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 13 A New Order

Chapter 13

The Dragon Isles Chapter 12 Captive Freedom

Chapter 12

The Dragon Isles Chapter 10 Dead Hands

Chapter 10

The Dragon Isles Chapter 11 Western Isles

Chapter 11Chapter 10 can be found in the other works section, don't ask why.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 09 Southern Isles

Chapter 9

The Dragon Isles Chapter 08 Family

Chapter 8

The Dragon Isles Chapter 01 Kader's Grief

The beginning of a very long story of dragon riders and spirits intent on taking over the world. Anything in italics is spoken through the mind, and not heard outloud.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 05 Heselrasiatau

Chapter 5, a long one. Anything in italics is said through mind and not heard aloud.

The Dog Guardian - 01 - Prolouge

The Guardians, and ancient race of people who protect the whole world from their ring of mountains in England, become threatened when the Shadow Sect begin to pick them off, one by one.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 04 Shenan'da

Chapter 4. Dragons and magic amongst other things, this chapter was the hardest to write from my point of view, cronstructive critsism most welcome. Anything in italics is said through mind and not aloud

The Dragon Isles Chapter 03 Night

Chapter 3. Not much to say about this one, only that it's a continuation and a development of characters. Anything in italics is said through mind and not aloud.

Estara - Chapter 01 - Dog, Cat and Markai

Chapter 1 - Non Dragon story thread. An introduction to two of our main characters, Markai of our world and Alarni of Estara, Lamorkland.

Estara - Prolouge - The Last Of The Gold

The Dragons rule the West, the Humans the East. The Dragons have their tribes, set by colour, element, each with their own range. The Humans have their tribes also, covering the plains. The Silver Dragons of the Silver Mountains have become ambitious, no longer content with their land they seek to overtake the rest, to rule it all, but oposition will be great.

The Willow 01

The realm of the fae, a new threat beckons on the horizon and the job can only be done by an assasin. An introductory chapter to something which is going to be much longer, just introducing my key characters and setting the basis for the rest.

Estara - Chapter 02 - Eridor's Beginning - Kin

Kin thread. An introduction to Eridor.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 07 Grey

Chapter 7. Another old friend appears.

Estara - Chapter 03 - Destruction

Chapter three, and a continuation of Eridor's plot.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 02 Shana'dun

The second chapter in my very long tale about Dragons. Anything in italics is said through mind and not heard aloud.

The Willow 02

The realm of the fae, a new threat beckons on the horizon and the job can only be done by an assasin. The third and fourth chapters (the second was included in the first). The assassin's position is appointed and Marty calls on a favour from family. Hope it lives up to the first one.

The Dragon Isles Chapter 06 Temple Guards

Chapter 6, and the arrival of some old friends, and some new ones.