Chani Petro

Chani = artist.

The Great Prophecy: Chapter 5

Chapter five, LEAVE COMMENTS! I don't care if you left one last time, leave another one!

Ice Queen

I don't think I'm done with it yet. Any suggestions?

Forgotten Identity Chapter 3

Midnight Crusade

Forgotten Identity Chapters 1 & 2

I really like this story. I'm not sure where I want to go with it and it is obviously not done. I plan to spend this summer working on it.

Midnight Land

I like the ending.

Rena Featherlight Chapter One

A story that just came to me one day. It's about a faery and some stuff that happens to her. Here's chapter one:

An Innocent Kiss

Hehe, watch out, you never know who they might be.

A Fallen Angel

I read a story by Nathan Fierro and it was so beautiful I just had to ask him if I could write a poem about it, so here it is.

Dark Secrets Chapters 5 -11

These are a bunch of little chapters all stuff together. Constructive criticism is welcome.


Its about a Unicorn, sorry no inspiration just about a horse with a shining horn.

The Great Prophecy: Chapter 2

This is the second chapter of The Great Prophecy. Go tell all your friends about it so they will read it and make sure to leave comments! Thanks.

Forgotten Identity Chapters 4 & 5


The Great Prophecy: Chapter 3

Here's chapter three, forgive my horrible grammar and punctuation.

The Great Prophecy: Chapter 6

Chapter six and I'm working on seven. Just to let you know, these arn't really in the chapters that they're suppose to be in, I just had to put then like that so they were short enough so people don't look at it and go, hm, too long.

Dark Secrets Chapter 1-4

For English class i had to write a story and since i had a partially already started one i decided to use the idea and just condense it. Big mistake. I think it turned out really bad not only cause it is really chopped up but because my mom came in and starting changing all these things. So its like two ppl writing a story, not good. But maybe you wont notice all these things. Have fun. And don't worry soon i'll have finished the 'correct' story and will replace this piece of crap.

The Great Prophecy: Chapter 4

Chapter four. Please tell me when stuff doesn't make sense, thanks.

Little Green Men

Hehe i like bean dip.

The Great Prophecy: Chapter 1

This story was actually created off another one of my stories. For English class we had to write a short story. Well everyone liked my story so much (including me) that I had to try and continue it. But me doing so good a job at making the short story have a beginning, middle, and end, it couldn't be extended. So I decided to take the story, make it a piece of a bigger one, this one. It's funny because this story is so different from how the original was. But I think this one is going to be so much greater than the short story one. Oh, to summarize it up, it's about this prophecy and two people in it. They can’t be told about the prophecy or their parts in it or it will fail. Another thing mentioned in the prophecy is a cursed mage. His name is Dante and his dad screws his life up, causing him to become cursed. Blah blah blah! Just read it! Oh, and don’t forget to leave comments!

The Great Prophecy Intro

This is the Prophecy told by the Wise and Powerful Telpë Kildo. The words written here will change the world of the Mages and the lives of two young people. The destiny of the world lies within their hands though they do not know it.