Channing Derry

Hello and welcome to my gallery. No need for me to introduce myself any more than that big bold title up there already has. Thanks for coming and checking out my stuff. What you see is what you get when it comes to my art. I don't really have a particular style since it seems to change so frequently. I stay pretty close to just drawing animals, fantasy creatures, and the little beasties that crawl in my head. I've never really done a true commission before, but I'm open for just about anything. Mechanical/futuristic things and elves/humans aren't my bag. I'm just not good at them. So if you're interested in a commission, e-mail me at Please feel free to visit my VCL Gallery! * ::Note:: * Last updated on June 23rd 2004, sorry I update so few and far between. I like to make sure I have A LOT to update each time. So...that means, if you bookmark me, you can expect mega-updates of lots of stuff. Tempting, I'm sure. Also, PLEASE bear in mind that Elfwood can take AT LEAST 10 days or so just to update our galleries! It sucks but the people who moderate our art are human! They look at and read EVERY piece that we submit to them! So in short: As frustrated as we are at the time it takes for this stuff to go up, it has it's purpose in the end. If you're impatient and want to see stuff to be updated in a day or less, CHECK OUT MY VCL ACCOUNT. There are more pictures there anyhow.