Chantalle Grummet

I love my life and my family and am busy doing everything. I love combining watercolours, acrylics and gouache. Recently i have discovered a love of digital art, since receiving a graphics tablet really. My favourite artists are renee magritte, joan arp, miro, monet, japanese brushwork, and the artists belonging to the art noveau movement.  Anyway please enjoy looking as much  as I enjoyed making.   I like jewellery, walking oh everything sometimes Favourite movies my favourites are the labrynth, midsummer nights dream and i loved dark angel and stargate, oh and vampire based stuff and the serenity scifi series. Favourite books I love the memory, sorrow and thorn trilogy by tad williams. Midsummernights Dream by shakespeare Favourite music shaggy, mozart, norah jones, john butler trio, classical guitar, louis armstrong, aretha franklin, janis joplin, moby, deep forest, jack johnson and oh heaps too many to mention