Chantelle Begin

O_O I'm back, in a new and improved style.Welcome to my little page in the woods! I hope you enjoy my art. I'm a 22-year old Manitoban that loves to draw and play video games. My fortes are fantasy creatures, but I also like to draw the occasional human form. The forms of media that I love the most are pencils (including color), ink, Photoshop, and watercolor paints. I like a few anime/mangas - my favorites are Berserk, Bleach, Claymore, and Basilisk.I consider myself a hardcore gamer... I have a large collection of games, and I keep their boxes and manuals in good shape on display in my bedroom. My favorite video games are World of Warcraft, all the Resident Evils, Parasite Eve, any Metroid game, Smash Bros, Pokemon...  I can name many more. As per World of Warcraft, I am very much addicted to it.  I play a 70 rogue named Shaelynx on Illidan server and I enjoy raiding. What else is there to say..? Please drop a comment or two if you'd like, I am always trying to improve my techniques in art, and criticism is welcome. Have fun! Favourite music Industrial, Metal, Electronica