Melanie Steinway

Hi everybody, thats me over there 6_6 yep, aren't a purdy? lol don't even look, it makes me look like i'm a 10 year old >_< new pic coming soon! Anyways, My name is Melanie *points up there* But I go by Mellie. I love computers and drawing. I have a kitten named Kita, a dog named Haley and a guinea pig named Domino. My 'soul creature' is a Purple gryphon named Chaos. Its wierd tho...I love her name and i came up with it about a year and a half ago, and i can't remember how. My favorite shows are Invader Zim, Inuyasha, and Gargoyles. I am going to make a fanquarter account soon, so stick around!!! Ok, enough about me...SO COMMENT ALREADY!