Cala Flamond

* Current Residence: Wenatchee, WA * Interests: Anime! and lots of other things just ask! good convo starter. * Favourite artist: Luis Royo, Boris Vallejo, Mikko ^_^, Neolucky, Satoshi Urushihara, and many more * MP3 player of choice: ipod The rest is left to the imagination. I like Drawing, Hanging with friends, partying, being outdoors, Playing Video Games, watching anime, the list goes on... Favourite movies I ADORE anything by Joss Whedon, Serenity and firefly, Dollhouse, buffy the vampire slayer, etc. Also, The lord of the rings, Transformers, Legend, the list goes on and on and on.... Favourite books I will read just about anything fantasy-based that i can get my hands on! Favourite music Im generally open to anything. Ill try anything once =) usually though, on my itunes, i have lots of jpop and jrock, dance, trance, house, rock, and pop.