Jessica Strunk

I am 20, I paint, draw, sing, write, and such stuff. I live in Flagstaff, Arizona. But I plan to move to New Orleans in a month or so. I'm kinda bland, I haven't much to say about myself, but I'll give it a swing. Um... I mostly do manga, and anime stuff. Some of the work in this gallery is Sailor Moon stuff, but that is mostly from my remainess fondness from my younger years. I still like Sailor Moon, but for the most part, my moonie days are over. I mostly go for serious animes now, and alot of independent title comics. My fave anime is Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust. But, I some times let the little less serious anime's, and mainstream comics slip in ^_^. I hope to some time be publishing my own comic, and to put up a gallery in Zone 47 to show some of my ideas. So, yep. That be about all my brain can manage to come up w/ about myself.