Hi, my name is Mikael and I'm 18 years old. In my sparetime I like playing games, playing guitar, just play, spend a lot of time with my girlfriend. Oh, and to draw of course. I get inspired by a lot of things, but mostly of things I dream or daydrem about, and sometimes of clouds. My goals is to be able to draw in a certain style, but i don't know what it is called. I also want to learn to draw portraits. If you have anything to say about my style or technique, or just want to say how much you love/hate my pictures, please, write a comment, i can't improve without you. Here's a link to my stories, if you would like to read some of them. My girlfriends art (I don't know what you think, but I think she is better than me at drawing) PS. Just want to say I love my girlfriend very much again.