Marie Chapa

Heya people!! thnx for visiting, please visit the more updated/active gallery( and ( too ^___^, lets see, most of ma fanart is and is going to be 'bout videogames, anime and books I don't get to watch much anime or read much manga but for the time being these are the faves: Fav anime/manga--> Magic Knight Rayearth(fave characters: Ferio, Hikaru, Clef), Fruits Basket(fave chacters: Shigure and Kyo), Shaman King(fave charactes: Horo Horo, Len and Yoh), Wolf's Rain (fave characters: Kiba, Toboe, Hige and Blue), Full Metal Alchemist (Ed, AL, Hues T_T ), BLEACH (Ichigo, Renji, Hitsugaya, Uruhara), Avatar (Aang! Sakka, Prince Zuko) These aren't faves(cuz some i haven't seen them complete) but i like them: InuYasha(fave character: Shippo and Koga), Gundam Wing(fave character: Duo!), Fushugi Yuugi(fave character: Tamahome), Card Captor Sakura(fave character: Li and Toya), Aquadom(whatever), Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne (it's ok...), Time Stranger Kyoko (me likes!). Fav video games--> Kingdom Hearts(Fave character: love them all), FFX(fave character: Rikku, Tidus and Kimahri), Legend of Zelda(fave character: Link ,Sheik, the Zoras and the Gerudo thieves), Xenosaga I (Jr., Chaos, KOS-MOS), Final Fantasy VIII (Squall, Irvine, Zell), Jak and Daxter I, II, III, "Combat Racing" (Jak and Dax =3 ) Currently playing--> Guacamelee(tis awesome!) Currently watching--> Fairytail ep. 53 and Chobits ep.4 Currently reading--> "The Psycoanalist" by Paul Kazenbach(or something like that), "Crossroads at Twilight" book number 11 of the series Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, "Mexican Mythology"