Charis Ellison

Well, it was very pleasant being special for a day, and seeing my name up in lights ;) And let it be known through all the land that on March the Tenth, year of our Lord 2002, Charis was Writer of the Day. Yay. My dad read The Lord of the Rings to me when I was six. That is why I am so warped. Just in case you were wondering. It's also probably responsible for the existence of this shelf. Nota Bene: Several of the stories that used to be posted here have been removed, because I would like to re-write the material and send them to professional publications. I haven't had any luck so far, but I guess I'll just keep trying. Thank you to everyone who has commented on my stories in the past! I've saved your comments and I'll use them when I'm revising the stories. The Stories (that is, after all, the important thing) The Adventures of Briyann -The title was the only thing I could come up with. A story drawn out of St. George the Dragon Slayer, Bradamant, and LOTR. The Wild Rose: The Story of Beauty and the Beast -My favorite fairy tale, retold in my own words. Five chapters currently posted, more coming. The Wild Rose: Book II- The second part of my retelling of Beauty and the Beast, chapters 6-10. Little Girl Dreams -An introspective ramble. That's all I have to say about it. Fairy Tales - poem-What would you do if you found yourself in a fairy tale? I am Erik- Inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. It' first person narrative. Just read it. The Minstrel- Companion piece to The One Who Failed. Some friends requested that I write about the minstrel, and his reasons for telling the story of Sleeping Beauty. Here it is. I hope you dislike him. 'On Writing'- It started out as an essay, but I was both sleep deprived, highly emotional, and in an airport. Stucture of any kind therefore became unheard of. Writing is emotionally draining, physically demanding time-wise, and can wreck havoc on your sanity (case in point moi). This is about it, and about me, and about the phrase 'write what you know'... The Rose Offering -A tribute to my favorite fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast, written under inspiration in fifteen minutes. It is rough, and it is raw, but I will never change a word. The Sleeping Beauty Stories-A collection of four linked stories based on and around the Sleeping Beauty fairy tale, told from different perspectives. The Impractical Princess-Once upon a time in a very practical kingdom a princess was born and given the very impractical name of Snow White... the girl- Extremely short. Sometimes there is no happy ending. Sometimes the story does not end at all. Sometimes, the characters go on, mere shadows fading away as time passes on without them, their stories not over but the end eluding them. When I wrote this, I looked at it and thought there would never be any more, but there might be. Someday. The Hero-A poem. We all have heroes, you know. This is for them, and for my father, and for the silver knight I pray will ride into my heart someday. The One Who Failed -the story of one of the princes who failed to reach Sleeping Beauty; told by the woman who loved him. I made it as sad as I could, but you be the judge. ABOUT ME (feel free to skip this part entirely and go straight to the stories. Unless you feel like reviewing my bio, that is) I'm at college now, busy with many things like volunteering for crew in the drama department, keeping up with classwork, writing for the college paper, seeking extra income, and trying to find time to write. My world will, I'm told, eventually broaden, but for now it seems to be shrinking--the brightly colored Never-Land of creativity that I lived in until my junior year of high school has fallen into disrepair. The flowers are out of season, and the elves are crossing the seas. I wonder if I were to attempt to fly, would I be able to reach the now-distant stars? Or would I slip and plummet back to the dark earth? ...Enough angst. College is keeping me busy, and I miss having time to write (of course, my senior year of high school I missed having the inspiration to write, but that's a different issue), though I did actually finish the rough draft of my first novel March 2004, and the second draft June 2005. It's terrible, but we're holding out hope for the tenth draft to maybe be something decent. Most people probably guessed that I would major in English, and I am--but not for a teaching certificate, mind, I only love children in relatively small doses. I'm minoring in Business/Communications, with plans to find work in the publishing industry after I graduate (I would like to pursue higher education, but there may be a question of sheer practicality here). Some basic information: My name is Charis, which is pronounced 'karr-iss', and I am a freshman in college, majoring in English Lit. I love books, especially fantasy, especially written by Tolkien, Robin McKinley, Patricia McKillip, and various others. I also enjoy certain types of non-fiction, especially that of CS Lewis, and classics like Jane Austen. I love a woman with wit. I also love to write, and have wanted to write for a living since I was five years old. So far I haven't found a way to make that work, but I will, don't worry. I'm the second oldest (oldest girl) out of five children, I have two wonderful, loving, and supportive parents, two sisters, and two brothers (my older brother is a junior in college majoring in Criminal Justice), an ever-changing population of cats (seven, at the moment), and one very large, very gentle, and very affectionate Irish Wolfhound named Duncan. I'm just glad they all live in Oklahoma instead of in my dorm room at university in Texas. I'm sorry to report that pretty much all of the incomplete stories posted here are on hold indefinitely. Please don't kill me, I do have to get an education, and unfortunately unlike some people (*cough*myolderbrother*cough*) I actually have to work really hard at being smart, so bear with me and I will return to them someday. I promise. Nice PeopleThe wonderful Norma PetersMy friend Hermy- aka Melissa Thuy