Charlie Mizer

Well it's been forever since I even looked at this place, let alone updated anything. Been busy with life, kids, and all that fun stuff. Going to try and start back up on writing. I had the next chapter on my mini stories written.... years ago, with no clue as to where it is now. Fortunatly the story is still pretty well embedded in my mind, so it shouldn't be too hard to rewrite the bugger, so keep an eye out. As for Alphinia, book one was done ages ago, book two has all the footnotes completed, and book three, well, what I got is what you see. I did start a prequel to the series, got 1 chapter into it. It sounds weird, doing four books at once, but thier all intertwined as one big story, so it works, at least in my head. Favourite books Peirs Anthony's Xanth series and Infinity series.

Alphinia Chapter Five

This is the fifth chapter of my book Alphinia. Derkin is now into the second part of his verification test. these are the seven magical tests that lead up to the final eighth test, which is in the next chapter.

Alphinia Chapter Three

This is the story of a boy named Derkin, who finds out that his destiny lies not as a space fighter piliot, but as the ruler of a world that operates in both science and magic. A world of wonder where someone is deperatly trying to kill him. The third chapter covers a meeting with an old friend, and an explination about how he is to become the true leader of Alphinia

Eternity's End, Book Three: Prelude

This is the prelude to the beggining of book three of my Eternity series. It starts the book off on sort of a sour note, but an interesting one to be sure. The majority of the book will be told through Derkin's eyes, as he recaps the previous days events leading up to the destruction of free magic.

Alphinia Chapter Two

This is the story of a boy named Derkin, a boy who finds out that his destiny lies not as a space fighter piliot, but as the ruler of a world which operates in both magic and science. A world where someone is trying desperatly to kill him. Chaper two takes derkin through what has happened to his family and what is to come.

Alphinia Chapter One

This is the first chapter in the first book of my three book series called, the Eternity series. The story follows a boy who finds out that he is destined for far greater things than just becoming a space fighter piliot. The first chapter recalls some of his earlier memorys on the planet which he thought was his true home, but grave circumstances force him to quickly leave his home and family, with a magical creature that he has trouble believing exists. This is also a revised chapter, meaning I have changed a little of the beggining of it. P.S. I havent completly edited this stuff yet, i'm still only halfway through the chapter, so excuse the typo's.

The Beginning--Chapter 2

The continuation of Fallar's story and how he is faced with the choice of loyalty to family or friends.

The Beginning--Chapter 1

This is the first chaper in a short story series that will cover the viewpoint of two very diffrent people who are forced into friendship, and later betrayal beacuse of events that surround them both.

Alphinia Chapter Four

This is the fourth chapter of Alphinia, The main charcter Derkin is going through the first of two major tests to verify that his is the true leader of Alphinia.