Laura Chatterton Clark

Hello- and Welcome to my humble Elfwood gallery. I am thrilled to be a member of the Elfwood community and hope you will find my artwork enjoyable and of interest. I am currently 27  years old and a Graduate from Villa Julie College. I spend what little 'free' time I have dabbling in fantasy art. I have been fascinated by dragons for as long as I can remember, as well as gryphons and other mythological creatures. I love butterflies, and I have all kinds of exotic pets including my favorite Blue-tongue skinks. :) I work mostly with prismacolor pencils, with occasional ceramic pieces and computer colored work :) But lately I've been experimenting in other media such as wood and metal. Feel free to leave comments- please don't be too harsh though- I have a fragile ego :)Just in case you wondered, I keep the size of all my pictures relatively small because I personally loathe having to scroll the screen to see a full image. :) And most important- Please do not take my artwork for anything without my permission- I am extremely paranoid about that :)---- Enjoy!****Thanks for reading- now feel free to enjoy and comments are much appreciated :) ---Laura (Lysanth)