H. Nitecki

Hello! If you want to address me as anything, just call me Neddie David. I am 17 years old. I am rather weird... and I am currently writing many novels, though most don't make it past page 10. -_-' Anywho, I have one 'trilogy' that the first book is finished with 360 pages and the second is 170 pages long (so far). I am re-writing that one so I can send it in and hope to be published. (please oh please!!) If you want to know more about that story just ask. Also, Hayao Miyazaki rocks everybody's socks! And his new movie, Howl's Moving Castle, is very very good! Also I love Fullmetal Alchemist!!! Most of the day, I am wandering in the endless worlds my overactive imagination creates so I might not make sense at times... Oh, what inspires me most are thunderstorms, or warm rain... and my cats!! I LOVE THEM!! ^.^ And I am so in love with Romeo X Juliet--the new anime. You really should check it out! It's NOTHING Like the play! :D It's so intense and romantic at the same time . . .*starry eyes*