Love to draw and love to write.   Here is a place to go if you want stories that are Star Trek and aren't allowed here. But enjoy all my stuff. Thankyou I like drawing, writing and singing. I love to sew and lots of my closes are my own designs. Usually fairy princess styles lace and ruffles. I sew western shirts for my husband and made him a traditional man dragon kimono. I am still trying to talk him into wearing a kilt. I love to do ceramic. Like teapots and dolls and vases. And yes lots of purple stuff. I draw to make my self feel good and it helps when my husband likes them to. He is my inspiration for my heros in my stories. Favourite movies Startreck and other scifi. Like Galaxy Quest. I detest the new battle star galactica and all extremely violent, and gory sci fi. I love princess stories like princess Bride, Ever After, and Diaries of a ugly stepsister, and a movie called Enchanted. I liked the cartoons Rocket Robin Hood, Johnny Sifer, and the old speed racier. I like Anime and Manga as long as it to isn't gory or violent. Love the origianal Doctor Who, Tom Backer being my favorite doctor with his 7 foot long multicolord scarf. Favourite books Alas Babylon is a good read. Grim but good. I usually tend to like happy endings. I like Anne Macaferys Dragon rider books. Favourite music Clasical, Opera, Nelson Eddie and Janet Mcdonald, Placido Dimingo and Pavarati and Caraes. Love Great Band Era songs to usually the love songs. Love the old Elvis love songs. I like the very early Beatles like I want to hold your hand and She loves you. I don't understand nor do I want to there later drug culture songs. I like western songs like Don't Fence me in and Tumble weeds. Even a Hank Williams SR song here and there. Love the Son's of the Pioneers. One of my favorites is called I am a old cow hand.