Loki, Sigyn, and Baldur

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Hannah Choi

Norman (Scandinavian) myth is not as well known as the Roman/Greek myths. But this mythology managed to captivate me much more than Greek one did, especially the stories about the god Loki. Loki, a sworn brother (meaning, they are not biologically related but exchanged blood as blood brothers) to the ultimate god Odin, is a god of deceit and trickery. he is one of the most important gods in the mythology. He causes a few (actually, a kazillion) problems here and there throughout the myth, and because of the latter several rather serious incidents which included Loki's most beloved children thrown into various unfortunate fate--the daughter thrown into hell, the first son bound forever with chains, the second son almost killed by Odin's son--by Odin, he builds up hatred towards Odin and all his followers. Then one day, the beautiful god of Light, Baldur, is killed by his younger blind brother who was tricked by Loki to throw a sharpened mistletoe which pierced Baldur's heart. Obviously, the younger brother had no idea that the stick was sharp and where he was throwing it to. So Baldur died, and enraged Odin (he was Baldur's father) chained Loki in a dark cave over slabs of rock and had a serpent hung over him so it would drip searing venom into his face, until the end of the world came. Now here comes Sigyn, Loki's faithful wife. she bore Loki two sons, who were killed by Odin--Odin turned one of the sons into a wolf and made him attack the other brother and kill him. The chain that bound Loki was made by the entrails (if you don't know what that means, you don't want to know) of the son who was killed. The whole world turned their back from Loki, the ultimate villian. However, Sigyn refused to abandon Loki and held a wooden vasin over Loki's face to catch the serpent's venom falling into his place. When the vasin was eventually full she would have to turn away to empty it, and the venom that fell on Loki over that short period would cause him so much pain that his writhing caused earthquakes. Well, eventually Loki will escape and bring Ragnarok, the end of the world, which had not happened yet. Until then, Sigyn will protect Loki's side, ever-loyal and loving. Honestly, Loki did not deserve her. poor girl. The figure behind Loki and Sigyn is the ghost of Baldur, obviously, and he is holding the mistletoe that killed him.

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