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This is my wonderful crazy! Everyone love him, for he is sexy! Anyway, Shawn is one of the main characters in my second book, a companion to Crimson. No telling if it will be up on elfwood or not, I have to go back to rough writing for the both of them. (Doh!) Anyway, I basically pour all of my crappy days into him, therefore he is very insane. (that's why I love him!) Oh, do you like his fro? It's awesome isn't it. Sorry about the crapp quality of all these pics, I took photos and was too lazy to redo them. Just a sketch. His eyes were inspired by Lasaro off of deviart. Oh yeah....... I forgot to add that he's a vamp, but slightly complicated, there some devil stuff in him, and yes, I can't say anymore or else I will give away the story.

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Yep, this ones violent too. Just a warning for people. Hey, it is a vampire story... Anyway, a small tidbit about Cal is that he's claustrophobic. This is because as a child he got locked in a cupboard accidentally while playing hide and seek. His sister found him hours later...Anyway, I hope you guys like this.

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Yes, I was in a very dark mood when I wrote this. I think it turned out well, though, even if it is short. (Melon, Benji, and Mustard, I hope you like it!)

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the plot thickens...I think. Anywhoo, sorry its taking so long to upload all this stuff, I'm currently on chapt. 15, and have some excitement heading your way! Yay! *trips over a pile of books*

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Rose finds her wings. A very interesting chapter.

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Alright, I think this one goes a little faster than the others... I'm not sure if I put enought detail into it. Also, it's a bit more on the violent side towards the end since it is a vampire story and, well, vampires kill people... (supposedly)^^ Anyhoo, I'm kinda tired so theres not much editing to it. (The next chapter is exciting! Wait, chapter 18... o.o is all confused)

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