Hello. No one usually reads this stuff, so I'll just write my mind in case some bored individual wishes to find my background. Been a while since I wrote up a profile for myself concerning this site due to mishaps with the security and all that fun stuff, so I'm finally back in business with some new stuff... I'm not going to take my old stuff down simply because I don't have enough to put up. You can find the transitions from bad to good... I have taken only one art class in my entire life. One. Freshman year. That is it. I sketch in my free time, I mess around while the notes get boring in the back of the classroom, and I make character sketches for stories I write to better visualize my work. That is what I do, and anything in between is fair game to be drawn as well. I'm 18, Senior in High School, got accepted to MIZZOU and SLU and Millikin... One of the three will probably be where I am staying in the future. I love to read books of any medium, and my favorites include Shakespeare (King Lear), Neil Gaiman (Neverwhere and Good Omens), Mark Zicree (Magic Time), Tad William's Otherland Series, and also the little-known Trilogy of Shadow Dawn, Shadow Moon, and Shadow Star. IF YOU WANT HIGH FANTASY, READ THESE THREE BOOKS. Two books currently finished (Three, if you don't count plagiarism). Among my library of self-made literature, several unfinished works are included as works in progress. A quick listing of them are as follows: 'Mindgames,' which is a science fiction/fantasy novel(soon to be trilogy... *pop*) about five teenagers who get powers from a rip in a fourth dimensional 'highway' of sorts, and they have to fight against machines (ooh. so original. I know.); 'Dreamwoven,' which is a book of poetry I have written (my homepage has a lot of it up but not all); 'Of Valken and Cirrus, Light and Darkness,' which is a book about a fallen angel in search of his true love, who died herself and went to hell (much along the lines of 'The Crow'); Building the Mystery, which is a book of High Fantasy and a 33 main character development of a confusing 'roots of ancient evil' type theme (took me forever to get all the background down... jeez it was insane); and, last but not least, 'Animorphs (the plagiarized books),' which house five or six different unfinished novels in which the first-person 'I' in the story is godlike in front of the five/six... (this was before the whole series ended, mind you). That's that. Any questions, email me. Marty's new place on elfwood: small now but will grow, if I he knows what's best for him. Amanda, a lifesaver, has her work up on elfwood as well. go and see, her stuff's better than mine for sure.