Christopher Heisserer

I'm now 21. I write books and poetry. I love Halo 2 and Morrowind and Super Smash Brothers: Melee. I love to run, ride my bike, and play as many card games as possible (i.e. Poker, Euchre and the like). I'm enrolled at Millikin, am an Eagle Scout. I am politically minded, focused, and understand the psychology of people better than some psychologists. Previous nicknames: Psycho, Inspector Gadget, Psion, MacGyver, and others. ~x  My current Projects include two books: Inhabitability and Infallibility, both focusing on Aaron, a protagonist and tragic character.Also, follow-up/crossover books One the Whistle, Two the Thistle, Three the Candle, Four the Cradle, Five the Sunscourge, Six the Nightsurge all based in the same universe.Finally, I'm a writer of poetry and dreams, some of which happens to be in the fantasy/horror/science fiction realm of things. I am currently unpublished (beyond the Millikin University college literary magazines), and am wishing to try and publish in the future, although this is not the profession for the rest of my life. A tilde (~) denotes a poem. Anything without one is either a chapter or short story.

Inhabitability Chapter 2

A continuation of the Inhabitability book. A few chapters aren't considered 'sci-fi' in the strictest sense, but they certainly are part of the story.

Inhabitability Chapter 7

Existential space travel is rarely fun.

Inhabitability Chapter 5

The plot thickens. Again.

Inhabitability Chapter 8

Chapters 6 and 7 are missing because it's on my girlfriend's computer. Sorry.

Two the Thistle Chapter 4

Since nothing has been seen of Ellu or Dractis since Chapter 1, I found it fitting to include this chapter, as well. It gives a strong overview of the world-wide character-development of races, individual characters of note, and further develops Ellu's dispassion for research, though he learns much from his studying.

Inhabitability Chapter 9

Aaron further understands his place, and what exactly he has sacrificed.


Death, and much of it. And ghosts, too.

Project One (Collaboration)

Written in conjunction with Martin Kehoe, of whom has given me his permission to allow this work to be submitted. The conflicting lives of two very different characters. This was written to test my ability to properly describe dream-state horror and keep it (narrowly) in the realm of reality.

One the Whistle Chapter 7

Since I have a conlang or two in the previous chapters, and Elfwood wishes everything to be translated, I'm leaving the complication and confusion of translating everything back to English off this site as much as possible. Sheaffer is a sylvan exiled priest and Chryn is a faery and five-year-old human Aspen (See Two the Thistle Chapter 4 for a better understanding of the races involved). Sheaffer had brought a pair of mercenaries to Aspen's house, and the mercenaries had killed his parents. Aspen stumbled across a faery ring a bit later, and Sheaffer tried to get him out, almost dying in the process. They instead charged Sheaffer with protecting Aspen, while Chryn was sent to make certain nothing happened to Aspen, as well. An off-kilter mother-figure, and a father-figure. Chryn isn't happy with Sheaffer, and in fact has reservations against him, especially for Sheaffer's living-tree armor. Okay. Hope that helps.

Two the Thistle Chapter 1

The first chapter from a book being written in a as-of now 8 book series featuring Aaron as the eventual God-figure... Although this book has absolutely nothing to do with him. Four books graphing the lives of those to be touched by Aaron's arrival are depicting the same timeframe before the meteor crashes to the planet. This chapter is from book two of the four. In all, I have nearly 56 characters in this orchestra of fantasy and science fiction. Hope this explains a little.

Inhabitability Chapter 1

On human nature through the eyes of an alien invasion. Full title is: Inhabitability: Of the Human and Humane.


Greeted by the dead in a graveyard, where misery is his escape.

Three the Candle Chapter 1

Book three of the as-of now 8 book series, book 7 being Inhabitability: Of the Human and Humane. While one takes place on earth and the other takes place on Lorcalon, they mingle pretty well. Er. Mesh. Yeah. This book is of military design, and I tried to make it quasi-'marine' in nature, although it's very hard to do so with a pack of humanoid dragons. If you are remotely confused, I recommend reading Two the Thistle chapter 4. Anyways, hope you like. (This is probably the least re-read of the books, and probably chock-full of mistypes and misspellings and grammar problems. I apologize beforehand). ~x

Inhabitability Chapter 3

Yet another continuation. Aaron is the protagonist, the sixteen year old intelligence of a nation-in-a-nutshell.

~Idyll Wonder (Proj. 5)

My entry to the ongoing 'Herscher Project' way back when. This is about a symbolic area in a book I am currently writing, a place of great age and peace.

Inhabitability Chapter 4

The full title is 'Inhabitability: Of the Human and Humane,' although it won't let me put that up. Heh. Aaron is finding out more and more about his world around him, and the Warners are showing secrets.

~Remnant (Proj. 14)

From the Herscher Project files, based on a character from the (Idyll Wonder books) books I am currently writing. Although this poem kind of breaks from the guidelines of Project 14 (a perspective of the future of mankind based on Chris Jackson's 'A Flash in the Pan' found on his page), it still (kind-of) explains mankind's fate. Heh. Maybe this is a copout afterall. Don't tell anyone! ~x