Hello! My name is Chella Reaves (also known as Klawz or Klawzie) and I'm an artist. That was part of the 5-step program. :) (The other four involve studying art books, using a ruler, studying anatomy and dancing the tango. Really. It's an intense program.) As you can probably tell, I don't take myself too seriously. :) I've been drawing 'seriously' since about 1998, though I dabbled with it off and on throughout my life and started to really learn in about 1995. I honestly think that 90% of people can learn to draw well if they apply themselves. The other 10% are either incapable of applying themselves (ie: studying art and techniques), or suffer from some sort of disability that would prevent most people from learning. If you're reading this, you're most likely in the 90%, so if you want to learn to draw - there's no better time than now. :) (And you don't have to be a kid to start!) Sometime in the near future, I intend to write and publish my own fantasy novels (many based on myths and fairy tales). My other art is often inspired by characters I role-play. Please don't use my pictures for avatars or rpg portraits unless you ask first! (I'm more than happy to let you use them if the characters aren't 'mine' or a friend of mine's!) Commissions: Currently closed. ($$$) Art Trades: Currently closed. (Art for art.) Art requests: Forever closed. I'll ignore any requests for free artwork. Suggestions: Tenatively open. If you're not particularly specific (ie: 'I'd like to see you draw your version of Rapunzel.' or 'I'd like to see a dragon from you!'), I'll probably eventually get around to it. If you're very specific (ie: 'draw a blonde with short hair that curls in six ringlets. She wears pink and rides a blue dragon with pink wings...'), I'll assume you're trying to get free artwork to use as a character portrait. I'll ignore these too. I am part of the Portrait Adoption - where you can find over 100 pre-made character portraits you can own for a small fee. It's worth the visit just to see the images, and more-so if you're looking for portrait art that you can call your own! UPDATES: As of August 21, I added three new pictures. PS: I'm notoriously bad with email. Please comment instead! :)