Chella Reaves

Despite how the photo of me looks, I'm a 23 year old college student living in the South-Eastern USA. I'm sorry, but I do not do free requests. $Commission$ info and the occassional art auction are on my homepage. ^_^ You may suggest a fanart picture, but just give me a general idea like 'Zelda and Link dancing' or 'LuLu casting a spell', not '...Zelda and Link enter the room filled with treasure. Make sure there are 24 crowns, 59 rubies, and 39 emeralds....'. I don't promise anything, but if it interests me I might do it. PS: I'm notoriously bad with e-mail... please leave comments in my gallery instead! As of Monday, February 9, 2004, I added two pictures and deleted ... quite a few (because they were old!) I'll try to keep this archive semi-current, but if you want more art, please go to my homepage or private gallery! Important: Please leave comments on your favorites so I don't delete them. Those with few comments/not part of tours/not Mod's Choice will be the first to be deleted!