17022009 Seven years old now. I wrote some more of the Hissy King, but not the other stuff. I've lately been wiritng more roleplaying related stories, some of which have been published in an ezine called The Strand ( 260607 My Elfwood Page is now five years old! I'm trying to reorganize my web presence to link my various Internet identities together more closely. My health is a little better and I've been writing more, starting with a Klingon Star Trek Fanfiction that obviously can't be posted here.  But I am planning to start a story about Mother Eve called "Out of Eden" and that will be Elfwoodable. I'd like to write some more of my Planetside stories: The House of Three Faces and The Hissy King. I still have stuff to say. 180206 Updated for the first time in years. Trimmed back some of the weaker stuff to make room for new growth. An Elfwood page is kind of like a garden, don't you think? So we're back after the big elfwood crash. Luckily I hadn't updated in months so I didn't lose anything. ;) Lately I've been distracted by writing an epic poem for J K Bower's Project #8. It's a classic fairy abduction story similar to 'The Girl who had no Dreams' (See below.) It will appear here once I've edited it. I'm enjoying my job working on computers, which I'm very good at. My days are filled with CPUs and SATA drives. And I'm finally making enough money to live comfortably. Prrrr. Did I mention that I've been adopted by a kitten? Really she's a half grown female cat, but she acts like a kitten.. feed me! feed me! Perhaps I should work on a picture of her? I've begun full time work as a computer technician, which means less time for Elfwood! Please leave a message on the message board here. If you have an Elfwood page, log in and comment on my front page and I'll visit and say hi on yours, and people do love to follow these links and explore the woods this way, you know. I write reviews for Woodworks: Have you ever wished that you had been born long ago in some far off time when things were simpler and tales were more exciting? Perhaps you'd like to sail the lonely orbits among the stars in a darkling and mysterious starship? If you've ever felt this way then this page is for you. My name is Ché, I'm a fantasist and a story teller. I like to spin yarns of the deeps and darknesses beyond our little circle of firelight. Many of my stories talk about real people living small lives on the edge of the unknown. I hope that they will resonate in some small way with your own life. I hope they have meaning for you, that they illuminate some dusty corner of existance, if only with the faintest of lights. Above all I hope you enjoy these my stories. ~*~ In my secret alter ego as the reviews editor for Woodworks E-Zine I have cause to mention and link to worthy Wyverners who write material related to the books I reveiw. Like a free plug for your writing? Please contact me by email. I am always seeking Hard SF, Adventure SF, Contemporary Fantasy, Feminist Fantasy/SF, Socialist Fantasy/SF, and intelligent modern Horror or Modern Fantasy to mention and link to for my readers. ~*~ Thanks to Eline 'Ellende' Spek for illustrating The Fisherman's Tears and the Sea King's Daughter. Some of my favorite Elfwood writers: Alice "Muffin Girl" Smith Mmmmmm - Muffins! Brian D. Saul You must read this man's writing. Go on - You have your orders! Go! Shoo! Chyaz Samuel Little Miss Moose - The Moose Goose! Moooooose! Chris A. Jackson Illegal Cheese Runner. Patricia *Bunny* Saw who knows the difference between a hawk and a handsaw. Alice Raven because nobody does small horse-shaped craft like Alice. Shawn Patrik Reed because his characters need YOUR help! Lindy 'Shanra' Kuepers because she is so cute! Emily Lyn McDurman who is forever Emily. Adam 'AdZ' Daniel B. Ragg who's Squonk must be read to be believed. Andrea 'Silver1' Bodel Thanks for the unicorns! Jessica Noell Farwell The Lamentable Lady. Debra Lynn Turpin (Kilman)It is a good day to be Tavcoa, 'Nessa! Maeve Leonard McEneny Fear her melodramatic-ness! Stephan P. Calloway Wynot, after all? Victoria E. Barrett She compared me to Asimov! *swoons* Max C. Montgomery For Erin. Kevin Jared Hosein Oh the horror! The horror! Leanne Fitzpatrick Mistress of the Veil of Evil. Favorite Elfwood Artists John Botofte You must see this man's Trolls!

Isis and Asherah

 Isis and Ashara discovered a forbidden love... but the Gods were jealous!

Last Man

 What would you do if you were the last man on Earth...?

Battle For Peace

How do we stop violence? A parable told by a deer-woman in a fantasy setting.

Missy (Illustration by the Author)

Missy a just a simple clone girl who wanted to do her job. But her clone-sister wouldn't let her. It was very upsetting.

Knight and Dragon

A knight went out to fight a dragon...

Claire and the Wolf (Illustration by the Author)

Claire was a warewolf. When people hurt her the wolf came out and attacked...

Demeter and Persephone

This is a story about family...

Fawn (Part 2)

The continued adventures of Fawn, a woman of the deer people. (Illustration by the Author)

Point of Diminishing Returns (Illustration by the Author)

Fawn couldn't understand why anyone would want to kill her family and other residents of her little peaceful village.

Creation Story

The creation of the world, mankind, and stuff.

Night Tales

Culture is just a story we tell outselves, to frighten away the monsters of the night?

The Astronaut

A good old fashioned future. But whos?

The Scapegoat's Daughter

A fairy tale about sins and children and kings and daughters and things like that.

Urban Foxes

Everybody has a soul, of course...


(Illustration by the Author) Fawn was a doe, a slave, and a refugee...

House of Three Faces

A Planetside Story

The Girl who had No Dreams

The story of a girl's quest for her dreams.

The Winter King

Fantasy Novel beginning about a world with 20 year long seasons.

House of Three Faces (1)

A Planetside Story (Part of the Planetside Project - with permission of the creators Vel Lehkonen and Matt Summers)

The Return

The Martians died out a million years ago.... Or did they? (Illustration by the Author)

Saving Utopia

Can Utopia be saved from the Vengeance Fleet?

The Hissy King

A Planetside Story - With permission from Vel Lehkonen and Matt Summers

Starman Sam

Starman Sam on the Planet of the Medieval Matriarchs

The Aftermath

Part of J K Bower's Project 7

Another World

We all live in different worlds

Ten Fathom Station

Out of the Ashes of War rises a new civilization beneath the sea.

Metal Ages

Chronicles of the Mechanic

Virus Attack

A spaceship isn't just vulnerable to a physical attack...

The Smiling Troll

The illustration accompanying this poem is by Che Monro

Future History

A History of the Exodus

Night in the Garden

This is a ghost story, but sometimes it's hard to tell who's the ghost... (Illustration: The Night Cat by the author)

House of Three Faces (2)

The House of Three Faces: A Planetside Story (Part of the Planetside Project - with permission from the creators Vel Lehkonen and Matt Summers)

Waiting for Andrew

They also serve, who only stand and wait.


In a strange kind of way the stock market is a bit like a way to predict the future...

Conversation with the Beast

Let's talk it over...


A Love Story (Illustration by the Author)

The Genya

A far future scenrio of star travel, evolution, and Talent...

Valley of the Winds

A collection of windy poems about the fantastic.

Great Novels I've Never Written

A set of novel outlines. Like them? Maybe you'd like to co-author something with me?

Out of Eden

So he drove out the man and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden cherubims with a flaming sword... Yes Mommy, but what happened NEXT?

The Fisherman's Tears

A fable about loss and grief and getting what you wish for. (Illustration: The Sea King's Daughter by Eline Spek.)

Winter King Notes

Details of the setting, biology and culture of the world of Pila, the setting for the Winter King.

House of Three Faces (3)

A Planetside Story (Part of the Planetside Project - with permission of the creators Vel Lehkonen and Matt Summers)