Cheryl Tan

This is so outdated and stripped down by the ERB it's not even funny anymore, it's just sad. The last thing I put up here was 3 years ago anyway so I guess it doesn't matter much. Check the new gallery for still outdated, but much more recent stuff. If you enjoy what little is left here, please visit the more recent site. My drawing skillz have become alot more detailed and refined since I started art college (to the point that the one work I've done semi-recently that would be appropriate for Elfwood, I can't post here due to size restrictions and a reduction in size not being an option with all the hours I put into it), but I'm a lot broker and a lot hungrier. E-mail me for commission work. Always a plus if you're in the area.. nowhere else but downtown San Francisco, of course. I do freehand work with pencil, pen, charcoal, as well as digital illustrations, digital design, spraypaint and highly detailed stencilling, with knowledge of silkscreening. I do have to apologize for some emails that were never replied to, I updated my email address now! Sorry again! (BOH! Junglist reprazent.)