Coyote and Crow

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Chessie Alberti

First off, a thousand thanks to my wonderful friend, Mari A. Pikkarainen, for helping me with the mythology behind this! A link to her gallery can be found in my bio, and it's well worth the visit. This was done for a theme drawing we held at the Saplings of the Woods. We all decided to draw a picture of a myth that originated in our home country. I wanted to try drawing something new, and had never drawn a coyote before, so I decided to try to portray the Native American Coyote character. Coyote has some ties with being a creation god, hence the world being created (no, it's not supposed to be Earth). Another Native American mythological figure, Raven, has the Sun in his beak and the Moon in his claws, and is on his way to put them up in the sky after stealing them from the Sky Chief. This created a problem, because after I gave Raven the sun, I couldn't color in a dramatic sunset like I had planned to do. That's where the mountains came in. 'The Coyote mythlore is one of the most popular among the Native American. Coyote is a ubiquitous being and can be categorized in many types. In creation myths, Coyote appears as the Creator himself; but he may at the same time be the messenger, the culture hero, the trickster, the fool. He has also the ability of the transformer: in some stories he is a handsome young man; in others he is an animal; yet others present him as just a power, a sacred one. According to Crow (and other Plains) tradition, Old Man Coyote impersonates the Creator, 'Old Man Coyote took up a handful of mud and out of it made people'' (Thank you, Mari!) I hope you enjoy!

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