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its a WereWolf... oh yea a discription, well this picture was done for a character that was made for the game me and some of my friend are making called "Obis", which is still in the works. it was our first lycanthrope character, but not the last. As a young boy Telep Relta was quite and loved to lay in the field as he watched the sheep for his father. He would lay on his back at the top of the hill that over looked the small town the he and his family lived in. It wasn't big, the town, but it wasn't all that far for the empire of Lycor so any thing they couldn't find in the backwater shops wouldn't be to far away. Telep watched the clouds past overhead and made a story out of the shapless forms. On most days he saw thing like rabbits and sometimes he could makeout the shapes of people, but today Telep was imaginitive. He saw the whole landscape of some far off land and the massive battle that consumed its pillowy surface. As Telep watched the scene unfold in the clouds he heard from down the hill the bleting of the sheep. Telep sat erects and peered from his hill top perch to see that a huge wolf had gotten one the sheep and was ripping it apart. Telep had delt with wolves before but never one so massive as this. With his cane in hand Telep charged down the hill yelling at the to of his lungs. As he drew near the beast reared its head from the half eaten carcus to gaze at the oncomeing boy. Telep froze, those were human eyes gazeing back at him, the thing had human eyes. Something was wrong, but before Telep had a chance to respond the wolf was already apon him, tearing at his clothes and then into his flesh. After what seemed like hours help finaly arrived. Telep's Father, Renold, and rest of the village had finally responded to Teleps yell. As they rushed to Teleps aid they lanched a volly of arrows at the beast to scare it away. It wasn't untill after a few of the arrows had logged themselves into the back of the creature did it finally run off to safer ground. By the time they reached Telep things were looking grim. They took the boy to the local healer where he was bandaged and wraped in some healing salves. The healer tried magic to mend the boys wounds but nothing seemed to be working. Telep expericed rushes of burning sensations throughtout his body as if he was on fire. There was nothing more they could do for the lad but wait and hope. Night feel on the little town. Telep awoke in a pool of sweet, he sat upright in his bed in the healers house. It was night and everything was quite. Then it hit him like a stamped of raging tor, the pain, the burning pain from befor but much worse this time. He rithed in his bed as the pain engulfed his body, and just as telep was about to yell out it stopped. Telep lay there in his bed breathing hard fo a while. He looked around the room which for being so dark was surpisingly easy to make out. He listened to the rythem of his own breathing, and to the sounds of the wild outside the window to the side of his bed. He took in big breathes and with those breaths scents he had never smelled before. He could smell the flowers in the fields hundreds of yards away, he could smell the scent of the forest 2 maybe 3 miles away, he could smell... yes he could smell the scent of the night creatures stalking around the town. Again Telep sat up in his bed to peer though the window. He could see everything in town even though it was a moonless night tonight. Everthing was as if it was day. Telep griped the banister and pulled himself out of the bed and to the window. It was open, and the night was his for the takeing and he could feel the night calling to him for he was a creature of its will and he had to anwser its call. Telep bound out the window and into the night. Where was he going? what wa he going to do when he got there? he didnt care just as long as he was free out in the open wild of the night. just a small... ok really rather large part of the story im writing to go along with this character this picture is bases off of. i might post the rest when im done.

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