Heather Leanne

Hello! My name is Heather, but everyone calls me Chii. I began drawing when I was three years old (I drew a whale on a sticky note, and my mom has still kept it!), and the passion burns ever brighter now. My parents are always telling me that I should try out as an artist for Disney, but I'm not nearly that good, and I'm sure others will agree I'm not Disney material. I'm a horse freak, so most of my art will be horses, but I still draw all kinds of animals and anthro art (short for anthropomorphic if u didn't know). I'm a traditional pencil-and-eraser artist, but I'm trying to learn to color in Photoshop. I really stink at it 'cause I'm self-taught, and there's so many buttons it makes my head smoke if I think about it too much. I'm also in the band at my hight school. I play clarinet (w00t!!) but I'm probably going to switch to the pit during marching band because of my chronic asthma and heart arrythmia. Oh, I also hope to become a computer programmer or pediatric cardiologist/pulmonologist one day (weird choice for a career, I know). I'll have to have a high-paying career to support the huge ranch I want to own when I get out of college too. Well, enough about me, go look at my art!