Chiranka Croos

Hi, I'm Chiranka. I draw, as you most likely can tell. I like shojou anime, since it's all girly and crack-like and stuff. Anything for my fix of Peach Girl and Kodocha, right? I generally do original work, since I'm a lazy bum. I like CGing with Painter Classic since it's a ghetto-tastic program. Everyone should use it! Uh, I also like to sleep a lot, and play video games obessively. My AIM screenname is Rydia174; if you would like to contact me for any reason. I (generally) don't bite, so have fun. I don't take requests, because I'd be bombarded with emails typed in 12-year old AOL speak, and I'm an anal wench who likes to read things on my first try. I rarely take trades and comissions, so ask if you wish, and you might be lucky. :) I have an art site with the rest of my stuff that I didn't want to put up here. Updates 9/01/03: Well, I put off updating this for a while. A couple of new pics are up, and a couple are taken down. Yay. Friends Amandalynn 'Serenity' Jones:Beautiful realism, and she's GREAT at shading. *drools* Kimberly Meisel:Her art is cute, and she has great potential!