Chiya Pike

 I am 18 years old (born in 1989, do the math).  I like dancing, writing stories, and daydreaming.  I spend way too much time, that should be spent doing questions about oscillations and simple pendulums, on my website-- I like dancing, figure skating, looking at pretty things Favourite music Anything that I can listen to and enjoy, and has interesting lyrics. (Currently, the Decemberists, and others.)

Elyse (the sequel to 'Ivan was confident')

This one is about this girl who has a rare gift, er some sort of 6th sense that she can sense when a supernova blows up (i don't quite know how accurate that is, maybe it's only the ones within a certain radius from her.) This one was another late night spurt of creativity. I realized later that it wasn't altogether an original idea... but then again, nothing really is.

March 2030

Actually this reminds me a lot of a story someone else wrote, but i wrote this before i read that story!


A story I started writing and then combined with a poem I wrote. What is this fairy's mission? Is it peaceful or not? I'll leave that with you. Whatever you expect is probably more interesting than what I might think up. It's like the 'mystery box'

Dolphin Quest

Spontaneous... Spontaneous stories are always the best :)


A myth that I wrote in grade 8... ah those were the days when we got to write stories in school

Ivan was confident... Part one

This is a story that i started writing thinking it was going to be a really stupid story, and i didn't, at the time when i started writing it, know why i continued. But i did. It was past midnight, everyone else had gone to sleep (and i was thinking i probably should have) but decided to stay up just a little longer, just until i ran out of inspiration... Which turned out for a pleasant surprise, that it was a lot better than i thought. (spontanaeity!) It even inspired me to write a sequel...

The Sun that is the Source of all our Power

The thought for this story came from a Monty Python song as I was reading the Hitch Hiker's guide to the Galaxy. The title is a quote from the Monty Python galaxy song, from the line that goes: 'It's orbiting at nineteen miles a second, so it's reckoned, the sun that is the source of all our power.' So I thought of generalizations, ate a cookie, and decided that I agreed with the quote 'All generalizations are false, including this one.' and thought the other stars must provide the earth with a teeny teeny bit of energy, but nobody would think to use it unless there was no other alternative ...

The Lesson

This was quite an eclectic story, with ideas stolen from: Harry Potter (Something like a patronus -- As a matter of fact that one was more like stolen from sailormoon -- Like in the 3rd book when the first time Harry makes a proper patronus is when he absolutely has to.) Also like me on the physics quiz (that was the first time I got that question right!) Sailor Moon (just the place reminded me of Sailor moon's class, and the evil person attacking sailor Mercury when she gets the thingy showing up on her forehead.) Other random ideas, (like dance class the other day.) This story was written before I watched Firefly, but...'I can kill you with my brain'.

The Fortress

Not in a place that perhaps you have seen in your dreams... This one was written in a weird way, I wrote the second part first, about her walking over to the island over the land bar type thing first, then the bit about the lighthouse. Sorry if it is incoherent. Things it was inspired by: A place in Scotland that sort of caught my fancy, it had a land bar thing with a bunch of shells on it, and old stone dwellings on the 'island.' It looked and felt like it was going to rain, if I remember correctly. It was also inspired by the inferi from Lord of the Rings. (Oh, you know JK Rowling has read Lord of the can see it in her books. Anyway I digress.)