Makena Black

im just your average human girl or so every one says:D i hate math, spend to much time on the computer, neglect homework and in general act like a total freak in public. oh yeah! i may have extra sensory perseption.I'm going to Maine this week (yay) so i wont be able to uload for a while *cries* but hopefully the airplane trip will provide some inspiration! I like I love anime i also like studio gibli stuff i want to get better at writing and drawing so i can write a manga, and more recently playing guitar and psychic research. Favourite movies I like firefly, tokyo mew mew, K-on and any anime my friend Nia tells me to watch.pretear,jun Jo romantica,lucky star,(lots of other stuff but i can't remember) Favourite books Harry potter,Juniper,the tales of mr Pengachusa Alice in wonderland and all old fairytale/folktale stuff. Favourite music evanescence is good um ya i also love most vocaloid stuff Emilie autumn,Soune Taya,Nigaito,Teto/ted,Delirium(I LOVE MY MUSIC)