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    "so this kid randomly ran out into traffic ang almost got hit by a semi?" the doctor asked the nurse. "yeah scared the driver half to death" said the nurse, aplying another layer of red lipstick. "ill go check it out. by the way is the kid in shock or scared or anything" he asked. "no she was asking about her friend last time i saw her.".the doctor went down the hall to the room where the kid was. "hello young lady." he said, smiling. the girl could have been any age between 10 and 13 she had half of her hair cut short and dyed some awful green color. the other half was long and jet black. "Hello Mr. doctor how are you today? hows your headache?" she replied, smiling the most brilliant smile in existance. her face then became emotionless. "is my friend okay?" she asked gravely. "i have no idea what your talking about" the doctor said. the girl sighed and then smiled brightly again. "my dad is a doctor like ou but he dose resurch instead of helping people. my friend helps him out sometimes". "so younge lady whats your name" the doctor asked, hoping to distract her from her 'friend'. "Im Benzene but Luci call me Ben". the doctor highly douted her name was really Benzene there is no way any parent would name their child after a chemical he thought. "SHUT UP YOU DON"T KNOW ANYTHING!" the girl shouted at the top of her lungs, "YOUR JUST JEALOUS CAUSE YOUR PARENTS NAMED YOU BILL!". the girl glared at him with such hatred he felt his heart pound with fear. "i'm sorry I-I didnt mean to offend you" he stammered. maybe i ought to call phsych he thought, wondering if the girl was crazy. "i'm not insane" the girl whispered. the doctor wondered if the girl was dangerous. he paged the nurse and asked for a tranquilizer. "I'm not insane" she whispered again. "i know sweety" the doctort said as he prepared the shot. "this wont hurt a bit" the doctor said with a smile. the girl lookded up. Most people are scared of needles but this girl looked SO malevolent that the doctor felt like running screaming from the room". "im not insane" she growled, glaring up at the needle. the needle shattered and shards flew everywhere. the doctor stood there, his face bleeding. she stood up and pushed the door open.  she walked into the hall everything made of glass exploded as she passed by. she walked ut of the hospital and stood there on th street. "I'm not insane" she said, walking away. the glass in every window was reduced to shards. "and dont call me sweety" -----------------------------wow long desription. this is Benzene i love her very much. I REALIZE THERE ARE MISTAKES OKAY! just try to read it. shes a little phsych who explodes things withe her mind. she can also read minds in case you couldnt figure it out.  

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